Pointe Your Toes

Dance Company

Pointe Your Toes is composed of three companies:

Competitive Team

Recreational Team 

Mini Team


Competitive Team Requirements

4-6 hours of weekly class:

Ballet (2x)

Jazz (1x)

1 other class (1x)

- Lyrical, Contemporary, Turns, Jumps, & Leaps, etc.

3-5 hours of rehearsals per week

Competitive Team will attend 4-6 competitions a year including nationals.

Recreational Team Requirements

2 hours of weekly classes:

Ballet (1x)

Jazz (1x)

1 hour of rehearsal per week

Recreational Team will attend 1-2 competitions a year and a local nationals.

*Both teams require a 50$ sign up free and dancers are required to purchase a team jacket and studio t-shirt*

Mini Team Requirements

1 hour of weekly class

1 hour of rehearsal every other week

*Mini team requires a $25 sign up fee and dancers are required to purchase a team jack & a studio t-shirt*

Contact us for more info or with any questions!